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Breakdown of the percentages of different species of animals used in research across the EU in 2011

In 2014, the EU produced its (), which provided the 2011 statistics of the numbers of animals used in research throughout the EU countries (though France provided 2010 stats). The statistics show that just under 11.5 million animals were involved in experiments across the EU (11, 481, 521 to be precise). This is a 4% drop from 12 million animals used in 2008 (the ).

These numbers include all vertebrates and cephalopods, but not insects (e.g. fruit flies or nematode worms). These statistics do not regard the breeding of a genetically altered animal (GAA) as a procedure to be counted This means there will be discrepancies between these numbers and those provided by some member states e.g. the UK reports 3.7 million animals were used in 2011 including breeding. Future statistical reports should include breeding of animals

The statistics show that mice, rats, birds and fish account for 93% of animals used. Cats, dogs and primates together accounted for just 0.24% of animals used (less than 1 in every 400).

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We can see how the numbers break down among EU member. France, Germany and the UK have the highest number of animals in research – they are also the three largest EU economies.

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